The Idea

From ideation to launch, we took an innovative vision to create an industry-disrupting, try-before-you-buy fragrance brand that transcends gender and age, and matched it with real-world brand viability. Between their million dollar idea and our branding, visuals, and messaging, we were able to create magic.

What Our Team Did
1. Art Direction
2. Branding
3. Messaging
4. Naming
5. Packaging
6. Photography
7. Product Styling
8. Sales
9. Videography
10. Web Design

The Branding

Sharp Grotesk Book 19
Sharp Grotesk Medium 23
Sharp Grotesk Semibold 23

The Packaging

Our challenge was to reinvent the fragrance counter in an experiential box. With elements of customization and added luxurious finishes we were able to elevate an affordable fragrance model.

The Kit Box

To support this totally new way to shop, we created both single and trio kit options with shrink-wrapped, tamper-evident bottles and custom inserts to house try-before-you-buy samples.

The Bottle

We worked with a global leader in packaging to give snif an ownable look and feel and instant brand awareness with a stock bottle and custom cap. The custom, magnetic cap tops an easy-to-hold bottle tinted and color-matched to the brand's palette.

The Messaging

No inscrutable luxury language or French terms here—this is the antithesis of fine fragrance. A direct, tongue-in-cheek brand voice brings personality, levity, and groundedness.

The Site

Our assets come to life in a full DTC experience.

Snif on social

Our creative supported the launch with assets for grid, stories, and highlights.

Photo + Video Launch Campaign

The shoot harnessed tonal neutral shades to reinforce the brand’s palette and build an ownable look and feel. Relatability was key to define fragrance as part of everyday life, in deliberate opposition to the aspirational, inscrutable perfume ads of yore.