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Crème Collective is a sales and creative agency providing competitive solutions, invaluable guidance, and accelerated growth to beauty and wellness companies that want to lead the industry. We help emerging and international brands understand and tackle the saturated US and global markets, help established brands stay fresh and compelling, and help disruptors create the brands of the future.
Our Team
With loads of beauty industry experience from artistry and aesthetics, to product development and production, to retail and sales management, our team is truly one of a kind. Aside from being specialists in all things beauty, we pride ourselves in being strong, loyal partners dedicated to our craft. Whether we are working with a retailer to select just the right product for their store, or guiding a brand on the best messaging for their bottles, the Crème team can be trusted in to give our clients an edge.
Our Mission
What began as a shared platform for the fledgling world of clean beauty in 2013 has now become a trusted global source for incredible brands, top-notch strategy, and flawless creative. Yet our mission remains the same as it was on day one: to create, sell, and support the brands that will reshape the beauty industry. We champion the brands and people who align with our vision for a healthier industry and planet, while shifting archaic industry practices and beauty ideals into a modern and exciting experience for people looking for better beauty.

Our Team

Leilah Mundt

I worked on the set of the Friends tv show as an extra. Yes, I'm happy to sign autographs.
Sleep. I take it very seriously and love it very much.
In no particular order: all things wellness, Victorian novels, yoga, travel, cooking (and eating), and currently learning a new language.
A nice whiskey paired with a cheesy romantic comedy. Extra guilty pleasure points for a Hallmark Christmas movie binge.

Darcie Evans

Desert Island Product
Patyka Youthful Lift Eye Cream
I'd spend my last dollar on fine dining and a bottle of perfectly chilled red wine.
Funniest Work Fact
My old boss is Dennis Rodman!
Favorite City in the world
Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Best Biz Advice
“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” —Maya Angelou

Lesley Holmes

All things health and wellness. I meditate and do yoga daily, and l’m a certified Lagree fitness instructor and reiki practitioner.
Desert Island Product
Vitamin C Serum and Sweed Cloud Mascara
Favorite City
Fun Fact
Was a lead on a reality show. Ask me and I might tell you.

Amanda Suchy

Fun fact
I was a Rockette for 11 years at Radio City Music Hall in New York.
Favorite hobby
Dancing, obviously! I love learning Beyonce's choreography.
Fitglow Night Lip Serum
Biz Advice
Life is so short so try to find something you love and when you do, be grateful...and great!
favorite city

Marisa Anhaltzer

Funniest Past Job
I was Tinkerbell at Disneyland!
Desert Island product
Mukti Marigold Cream
I am very passionate about face masks! I put a skincare mask on almost everyday.
Favorite City
Favorite musician
Christina Aguilera forever and always!

Dan Lang

Senior Designer
Fun Fact
I originally studied to be a dentist and was a Division 1 rower.
Funniest Past Job
I was a shirtless greeter for Hollister Co.
Guilty Pleasure
Gummy candy and cookies.
Fashion photography and fragrance.
Favorite City
London has a piece of my heart.

Tyler Kopp

Sales Coordinator
Guilty Pleasure
Real Housewives of anywhere and TikTok.
Favorite City
Las Vegas baby!
Online shopping…more of an addiction than a hobby!
Favorite Musician
Kid Cudi

Heather Wilmer

Funniest Past Job
I used to be on The Price is Right as a Barker Beauty!
Fitness! Pilates + Mega Reformer + Spin! Makes me feel alive!
Desert Island Product
Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital B Elixir
Best Biz advice
Don't be afraid to do what nobody else is doing.
Fun Fact
My face is on a poker chip at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. It's a long story, best told over wine.

Sammy Cravens

Desert Island Product
Lavido Thera Intensive Body Lotion
favorite City in the world
Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cabo. Basically any beach city in Mexico.
Beauty Tip
Toner! Everyone skips this step but its so important espeically if you dont like oils- it helps them absorb much quicker.
favorite musician
Post Malone
funniest past job
I worked security at the drag races. There was nothing funny about it though!

Liz Reyes

Sales Representative
Anything that has to do with the beach and eating!
Favorite City
Monte Carlo
Guilty Pleasure
Pizza and a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.
Biz Advice
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

Sydnee DiMascio

Marketing Coordinator
Fun fact
I am a huge Chargers fan!
Favorite Hobby
Golfing. I was a college golfer.
Guilty Pleasure
Coffee. Really more of an addiction than a guilty pleasure.
Favorite City in the World
Sorrento, Italy

Elaine Haghighat

Office Administrator
Favorite City
Palm Springs, forever!
Fun Fact
I dance when I eat, and do pretty much anything.
Funniest Work Fact
I worked at Victoria's Secret at South Coast Plaza and the OC housewives would come in all the time.
Desert Island Product
Pink Balls Massager from Skinny Confidential

Merrady Wickes

Fun Fact
I'm 6' tall, which surprises people who haven't met me IRL.
Past Job
I worked a series of mall rat jobs—Hot Topic might be the funniest, but Cinnabon was my favorite.
I love my four dogs and fostering rescues. I'm also secretly pretty good at tarot readings.
Desert Island Product
No question, brow pencil. The '90s were not kind to eyebrows.

Alli Talley

Fun Fact
I'm weirdly really lucky. Ever since I was little, if I enter a contest or a giveaway I will most likely win. I've won everything from front row tickets to concerts to an all-expense-paid honeymoon on the Price is Right! Haven't won the lottery, but fingers crossed that's next!
Funniest Past job
I did voice overs for radio commercials in high school.
Favorite City
Paris! I would live there if I could!
Guilty Pleasure
Everything Bachelor related. And wine. And carbs.

Daniel Castro

Fun Fact
I speak three languages: English, Spanish, and French.
I love learning about people's stories, struggles, hopes, etc. We're all so interesting in unique ways and as crazy as things are, I firmly believe that people are amazing.
Favorite City
Paris comes in a close 2nd, but there's no place like New York during Christmas!Love exploring the city, ending up on some sketchy street at 3am finding a hole in the wall pizza place.

Rita Murillo

I love to cook, but I don't enjoy my own food. LOL
I worked in a rehab with young kids. I supervised and logged all activities behavior, meds and even their dinner prep. I would end up cooking for them and I was a mom figure there.
My family. Love them! Love to create memories.
Mexico, I love to visit my loved ones, and I enjoy the people and its beautiful places.
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"Creme Collective is really the wrong name for this company of creative geniuses: they should be called the A-TEAM. I spent months working with Creme Collective to on-board their clients for an exciting TV shopping opportunity, which you can imagine has a lot of twists and turns to get things done right. There is so much comfort in knowing that the checklist to get things done always gets done when this team is involved. Can they teach a Masterclass to other companies on how to do it right?"
Danny Seo, "Naturally, Danny Seo"
"The Crème Collective team has an amazing curation of new, emerging, and established brands that they're always adding to. They are super reliable and we adore working with them! They never cease to amaze us with their support. They're truly great partners."
"Amanda and the whole team at Crème Collective have been a pleasure to work with on multiple projects—communicative, reliable, and above all else, totally product obsessed!
"Heather has been so helpful. Not only does she respond to emails quickly and kindly, she always gets our orders and questions answered on the spot. She introduces us to new lines with education and samples so our team can feel and experience the product before making decisions. Heather has been one of my favorites to work with. I can't recommend her and the Crème team more."
Salt & Water
"I love working with Heather and the Crème Collective Team. Heather is always quick to respond to any and all requests, she submits our orders in a timely fashion, and I always love our conversations when I get a chance to chat with her over the phone! The Creme Collective has some of my favorite brands! LOVE LOVE LOVE working with them!"
Holaday & Co.

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