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The Beauty Wellness Brand

Pursoma beauty wellness products offer a respite from the stressors of the modern world and serve to combat urban toxicity resulting from stress, pollution, or excessive exposure to technology.

The treatments are developed with the understanding that a path to wellness involves the process of self care through cleansing, detoxification, and nourishment to ultimately reach a stage of rejuvenation. The brand hopes to change the way people view self care; utilizing effective beauty wellness treatments can be as good for the body as drinking a clean green juice or going to a yoga class. Unlike other skin care products which are topical remedies, Pursoma treatments help you to look and feel rejuvenated.

All of Pursoma formulations are created from pure ingredients that are organic and wild-harvested or sustainably- farmed. Each ingredient has a specific, active purpose and is fresh-packed to ensure potency. No preservatives, chemical additives or processes are used at any point, guaranteeing our ingredients are safe for the earth and safe for your body.


  • Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these beautiful little baths. They are seriously powerful. We are constantly blown away by the results, and by the feedback from editors, tastemakers and pioneers in the wellness world.
  • We are firm believers that beauty & wellness go hand in hand. In a world where they sometimes seem at odds, Pursoma is truly bridging the gap. These potent products are an essential and addictive addition to our new beauty wellness ritual.
  • We fell in love with Pursoma for their products (of course!) but even more so for their genuine dedication to wellness. Pursoma is committed to feeling good first and to looking good second. It’s amazing how outer beauty is maximized when inner well-being is prioritized.