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PATYKA, a beautiful Hungarian word meaning “Apothecary”, is a Parisian Beauty House with origins that began in the Parisian roaring 1920s.

In 1922, the alluring beauty of a French woman inspired a young Hungarian pharmacist to move to Paris where he poured his love and creativity into formulating an illuminating skin elixir from rare plant oils and extracts. He named this youth serum, Huile Absolue. Shared only with her inner circle of friends, the Parisian elite, Huile Absolue became their secret to Beaute Remarquable.

Decades later, this coveted recipe was recreated by Patyka’s top experts in organic skin care and innovative biotechnologies for exceptional age defying results.

The therapeutic qualities and the romantic gesture of love that is Huile Absolue is embodied within every Patyka product, creating an unmatched sensorial experience that is as luxurious and elegant as it is effective.

As the first skincare brand in history to be ECOCERT organic, the supreme standard of organic in Europe, Patyka offers a complete range of high-performance formulas for the face and body that are 99% organic and 100% natural designed to deliver tangible, visible results.

Experience Beauté Remarquable.


  • There are moments in a beauty journey that stop you in your tracks. For us, opening our first box of Patyka product was one of those moments; lifting each beautiful item from a Parisian box with intricate art details, taking the gorgeous bottles from the origami-style packaging, experiencing the lush potions and inhaling the scents that only the best nose is Paris can craft. The love affair had begun.
  • Many product lines claim to be luxury, but what does that mean? For us, it has to be safe, it has to work and it has to be a great joy to use. With advanced biotechnology and high concentrations of actives, EcoCert organic certification, and silky formulas reminiscent of our old favorites from the beauty counters, Patyka earns its luxury status in every way.
  • We are honored and thrilled to bring the gorgeous and game-changing Patyka brand to the US, and invite you to learn more about how far organic skincare has really come. Your skin and your clients will thank you.