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Cultivating Beauty on Every Level

Effortless, elemental and undone, Kosas embodies a new paradigm of beauty that marries formulating with integrity and modern femininity.

Life-long beauty devotee, Sheena Yaitanes, fuses her unique background in chemistry and oil painting with her intuitive makeup artistry to create an intentional brand that truly empowers its wearers. Kosas brings a fresh dimension of colors that work seamlessly with a wide range of real-world skin tones, without the fuss and filters.

As a collection of edited essentials with fururistic formulas, these cosmetics feature skin-boosting botanicals strategically balanced with safe synthetics. This harmony of ingredients brings life to the skin, while delivering next level performance. An intersection of artful presentation and honest products that highlight your unique beauty, Kosas is setting a different tone in the industry.


  • This line is full of smooth, luxe textures. Organic ingredients, nourishing botanical oils, and velvety shea butter balance as well as hydrate your skin.
  • Welcome to universally flattering effects. Created with the perfect mix of chemistry and art in mind, these shades compliment almost any skin tone.
  • Understated and effortless, this collection is the key to your undone beauty arsenal. Reach for Kosas when you’re looking for an everyday lipstick that stays or a bronzer that gives your that natural, sun-kissed look.