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Iconic eyebrows, naturally.

EcoBrow is a range of high-quality brow enhancing products, created by celebrity eyebrow threader, Marco Ochoa, who couldn’t find a clean, beautiful product to enhance his client’s brows. When Marco began conceptualizing EcoBrow, he knew he had to arrive at a universal product that matched every skin tone, stayed true to his philosophy of responsible, eco-conscious beauty and lived up to the standards of the best makeup artists in the world.

The result is the EcoBrow Defining Wax, Marco’s own mineral-based, smudge-proof, paraben-free brow line. Nylon gives this hybrid wax/gel its luxuriously smooth texture and long lasting, cream-to-powder finish. The unique formula blends and diffuses easily, contains silica for oil absorption and Vitamin E to nourish brow hair. Marco named the four shades in the line after some of his favorite screen goddesses through the ages. Now thanks to him, every woman – whether she’s a Marilyn, Rita, Penelope or Liz, can look and feel like a Hollywood icon.


  • In a world where Cara Delevingne reigns supreme, we are thrilled to have good, clean help in the brow department. We use Marco Ochoa’s gorgeous, little pots of perfect color to fill in, shape and add fabulousness to brows of all shapes, sizes and colors.
  • The incredibly unique texture of EcoBrow’s Defining Wax has a great way of staying where it needs to, yet blending out nicely for a very natural look. The double-sided Defining Brush is an essential application and blending tool.
  • Remember all those tutorials and multi-product protocols for achieving the “perfect brow”? Pencils, stencils, and gels?! Yuck. No, thank you. EcoBrow is uncomplicated and unfussy.
  • Speaking of the “perfect brow,” Marco says that the perfect brow is the one you were born with. And that is why we love him.