Industry specialists, passionate creatives, attentive allies…
but product junkies above all. (No seriously, we’re obsessed)

The crème de la crème doesn’t just describe our brands; it describes us, too.
With over 40 years of collective beauty industry experience, we understand this unique space and want to help you find your next beauty success story.

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Thoroughly enchanted with beauty product since birth, and thoroughly disenchanted with the stale, corporate status quo she witnessed in beauty sales organizations, Leilah Mundt began to ask questions. “Why can’t the clean, gorgeous, effective beauty products I love be found in the great shops I work with? Don’t these beautiful, albeit smaller, brands deserve a voice? Don’t my beauty buyer friends deserve great service AND access to the rare and wonderful?"

Equipped with over a decade of marketing and sales experience, Leilah created Crème Collective, a beauty sales agency dedicated to unearthing the best in beauty, wellness and lifestyle, and finding these products the right retail home. The goal? It’s simple; to help women find better beauty.

Leilah has a degree in marketing from the famed FIDM in Los Angeles, sits on the Board of Directors for Lipstick Angels and is on a mission to use beauty product as a vehicle for connecting women, shifting perceptions of beauty, and promoting a healthy, supportive work environment. She lives in Southern California with her husband and daughter.



Therese Clark’s beauty AHA moment happened early on in life while watching her mother of five, an OBGYN nurse, transform from fatigued to fabulous with a dollop of cream and one swipe of lipstick before her nightshift. Sneaking into mom’s vanity to toy with, test and tear apart products was her first experience with the ineffable magic of beauty concoctions and the allure of beauty packaging.

As a brand creator, developer and soothsayer of sorts, Therese Clark has a killer instinct for beauty and knows firsthand how exhilarating the beauty brand experience is – from start up to maintenance mode, from the high-highs and low-lows, and back again. Envisioning a brand concept may come easy, but the execution of that concept, and the continuous need for innovation, is a different story. Therese has the passion, talent and ability to do it all, and wants to help you do it too.

With a BS in Business from the University of San Francisco, and a born entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of product development, marketing, messaging, and high-level brand strategy development, Therese has helped indie brands come to fruition. She has worked with top brands, such as Hourglass Cosmetics and Lisa Hoffman Beauty. She also created Mybody Skincare and the top-selling Glowbiotics Collection as the first advanced Probiotic line sold to physicians as an elevated choice for women’s health & wellness.

Therese lives in Southern Calfornia with her husband Rudi and pups Lily and Lenny.



When Jessica’s mother Lori found her 2½-year-old daughter sitting in a pile of makeup spread all over her face, she thought Jessica’s love affair with products would someday turn into a career – and she was right!
Beauty veteran Jessica Crescenzi started her multi-faceted career working as a makeup artist. This expertise continued to serve Jessica well as she shifted into a highly sought after consultant for beauty retailers and brands. It was her passion for quality product that led her to open her own beauty haven in 2010. Jessica used this opportunity to educate her clientele on the importance of incorporating proper skincare and wellness into their everyday routines, helping them to attain a balanced lifestyle. She handpicked only the finest natural skin care and beauty products. Jessica quickly became the “go to beauty girl,” for skin care product reviews and advice. Seeking to share her love for and knowledge of beauty on a larger scale, Jessica launched, Beauty Guru NYC, in October 2013. In addition to her editorial role, she used the platform to partner with leading brands to host beauty and wellness events.

Once a Beauty Guru – Always a Beauty Guru. As Vice President and Partner at Crème Collective, Jessica brings her years of expertise and “behind the scenes” knowledge of consumer and retail trends to help position brands in the marketplace.
Jessica lives in New York City with her husband David, their daughter Harper River, and two yellow labs Oscar & Gus.



With a passion for beauty product and an unwavering commitment to quality service, Darcie Evans directs the distribution development strategies of the Crème Collective brands. Her ambition, experience and ability to calculate a sum faster than you can say, “cleanse, tone and moisturize,” make her a driving force within the sales organization.

The California native began her career in sales 14 years ago and joined forces with Crème Collective in 2013. She looked forward to the opportunity to grow alongside some of the best beauty brands in the world, in a family-friendly environment.  Darcie loves to crack the code- to find beauty brand solutions to the retailers most challenging assortment dilemmas. Our retailers know that with Darcie at the helm every T is crossed and I is dotted, ensuring that our gorgeous product gets where it needs to be without any beauty meltdowns. She can also spend a shocking amount of time working on those giant jigsaw puzzles, which actually makes sense if you think about it.

Darcie lives in Huntington Beach, CA with her surfer husband and two darling children.



Fact: Courtney Santa Maria was once fired for “caring too much about her clients”. Say whaaat?! It is this devotion to her retail partnerships that make her the best possible person to manage the Retail Relations division of Crème Collective. Courtney works with retailers nationwide to make sure their teams are supported through education, monthly business planning, creative events, and strategic marketing. She puts a ton of effort into growing business with the utmost respect and consideration for the buyer.

Courtney’s foray into the industry was fueled by her love of making people feel beautiful. She is a licensed esthetician who has worked with industry leading brands like Benefit and NuFace, and has won awards for her achievements in the retail space. When she is not crafting a killer GWP or Skype training an overseas account, she can be found at her home by the ocean with her husband, their children Vince and Nicholas, and Bianca, her beloved Malti-Poo rescue.



Katie Kelso gets a rush from seeing things reach their unique and maximum potential. She loves collaboration, new ideas, and developing systems that get the job done – preferably in a novel, efficient and well-packaged way. With a background in startups and fashion, and a relentless energy level, Katie manages marketing and brand communications for Crème. Katie is committed to a low-maintenance and active lifestyle. She is a lover of all things natural, beautiful, and fuss-free and believes that beauty products and rituals can (and should!) meet that criteria. Katie lives in Newport Beach with her husband. If she’s not working, you can most likely find her cooking, doing yoga, or riding her bike.



Kayla is a Orange County based designer and photographer, specializing in brand, print, and web design, and is responsible for making Crème Collective and all Crème Creative work stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous. She is a fan of clean lines, white walls, and good typography. She specializes in working with online retailers to help develop campaigns (art direction, creative, photography, etc.), manage web creative, and create killer packaging to make brands look good. From mood boards to creative execution, she helps clients build their brand every step of the way without missing a detail.

Born and raised in the Bay area, Kayla is a shameless Giants fan, lives on diet dr. pepper, and never says no to a good deal at Madewell or a basil gimlet.



Melissa Palmieri is a public-relations veteran who has more than 15 years of experience working with major retailers, as well as some of today’s most recognizable beauty clients. Melissa started her career in New York City, where she worked as a beauty publicist before moving to the west coast to handle high-profile red-carpet events. After three years securing media and talent for key product launches in Los Angeles, Melissa returned to New York as VP of Trachtenberg & Co. to help debut and grow accounts including Bath & Body Words, C.O. Bigelow, Deborah Lippmann, Kao Salon (Hair Academy, Goldwell, and KMS), NUDE Skincare, OPI, Rimmel London, RPZL, Sephora, and Slatkin & Co. Melissa’s talent and expertise have been invaluable to the Crème Collective portfolio of brands in the wild world of beauty publicity. When she’s not busy building brands, Melissa can be found running, cooking, or spending time with her husband and two dogs Poe and Wally.



Amanda Suchy’s sweet, Southern charm and genuine warmth is a breath of fresh air on the buzzing streets of NYC. After moving from her native Kentucky to the big city, she high-kicked her way onto The Great Stage of Radio City Music Hall as a Rockette, where she danced for over a decade. This is where her love of gorgeous make-up and her obsession with luxurious skin care began.

From a dancer to one of the most sought after fitness instructors in NYC, Amanda built a devoted clientele of inspiring women. It was here that she learned the important role that health, wellness, and beauty played in all their lives, no matter their age or background. The obvious became apparent to Amanda; that beauty and wellness go hand in hand. As Retail Relations Manager for Crème Collective, her unique and comprehensive understanding of beauty and wellness bring the company, and all of our clients, an amazingly fresh industry perspective.

Amanda lives in NYC with her husband Jermaine and their adorable little boy, Orion.



With a love for fitness and skincare, expert attention to detail, and an impressive + diverse skill set, Jennifer was made for the role of Brand Coordinator. Jennifer fell in love with wellness and beauty at an early age. After graduating with a degree in Communication + Business Administration, Jenn entered the beauty industry, assisting Beauty Guru NYC. It was a match made in heaven where Jenn was able to fuse her love for business and beauty and to develop a wide array of skills including event planning, social media strategy, copy writing, and overall business development.

Jenn resides in Woodstock, NY with her boyfriend, Jake, and their cat, Potato. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, painting, and cooking.