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Worker B is an effective range of concentrated skincare formulas crafted from Raw Honey, Beeswax, and Propolis, ingredients that are highly anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and rich in valuable organic compounds, bioflavonoids, and vitamins.

As the name suggests, the three people who make up this company are diligent workers, indeed, just like the bees that make the ingredients that are the base of each product in the line.From tending their very own sustainable hives, to laboriously handcrafting each and every product from start to finish, the Worker B team embodies a true artisanal spirit. The delightfully simple formulations are masterfully created by Co-Owner Liesa Helfen, who, as a pastry chef, trained under some of the top culinary professionals in the world.This rich experience with world-class quality, as well as an intuitive understanding of the bees with which they work, has resulted in a product line that efficacious… and absolutely enchanting.

Worker B is handcrafted in small batches to preserve the quality and integrity of products, and never contains any fillers, binders or preservatives.


  • Worker B’s commitment to and advocacy of sustainable, non-migratory, ethical and organic beekeeping is absolutely inspiring.  We are so proud to work with the trustworthy stewards of our ecosystem’s pollinators.
  • The whimsical letterpress labels on lovely glass jars and bottles truly reflect the quality of the products inside.  These beautiful pieces are the kind we like to display proudly and dip into often.
  • Small batch, artisanal, and thoughtfully formulated with fabulously few ingredients, Worker B is handmade beauty done right.  Just one small scoop of these concentrated creams, lotions and balms goes a long way and provide even the most sensitive skin moisture, protection and healing.
  • Don’t these little beauties just make the loveliest gifts?