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Beauty from the Inside Out

The Beauty Chef is a range of fermented, whole-food probiotic powders, liquid boosts, and skincare. The line is based on the science-supported belief that the first step to radiant, healthy skin is balancing digestive health and that good skincare should follow. As founder Carla Oates says, “beauty begins in the belly.”

The Beauty Chef’s organic inner skincare range blends the world’s healthiest food ingredients with a natural fermentation process backed by 20 years of research to bring out the very best of each ingredient and to keep the skin’s ecosystem strong and healthy. She has refined the time-honored art of fermentation to naturally bio-activate the powerful ingredients, transforming them into skin-loving compounds that the body can fully and easily absorb.

By increasing the nutritional value of each naturally powerful ingredient, The Beauty Chef offers super-natural skincare. The fermentation also produces good bacteria, which is vital for a healthy gut. The skin, hair, and nails are the last places to get the nutrients that we ingest (they go to our vital organs first). This means that any gut imbalances or under-nutrition will first manifest in the skin. Beneficial bacteria in the belly is the secret to good health and a glowing complexion.

Carla’s inner and outer beauty products work hand in hand. By balancing digestive health, the Inner Beauty products nourish the body and enhance the overall health and radiance of the skin, while the Outer Beauty products target specific areas. The products deliver supernatural results – radiant and resilient skin from the inside out!


  • The Beauty Chef is a game-changer. Beyond the standard probiotic pill, these blends are actually super-foods that have been fermented. Instead of the traditional kraut or kefir, The Beauty Chef uses ingredients like turmeric, maqui berry and algae.  Genius, right?
  • We are all about the connection between food and beauty, and we can say first hand that the nutrient-rich, easy to absorb products work wonders. Think of The Beauty Chef like serums and moisturizers for the inside.
  • Did we mention that these products are absolutely delicious? Seriously, our health regime has never tasted so good (we sneak them into our children’s breakfast – they love it too!).
  • Beauty food is a part of the overall natural beauty movement. The more the public educates themselves on health and wellness, the more they look for modern solutions that actually work.  And The Beauty Chef definitely works.