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The Better Balm

Created by Kari Gran and Lisa Strain, these friendtrepreneurs shared the belief that (way) better lip care was possible. As founders of an inclusive skincare brand created to simplify solutions for women at every age, Kari, the inventor and Lisa, the instigator started by upping the lip balm game with Lip Whip. This balm is a  soothing combination of organic, wildcrafted and non-GMO ingredients that meld to create a rich, glossy, moisture-boost for healthy, luscious lips. They’re trading the sticky and tacky for buttery textures that give your lips the soothing hydration they need without the pout. With a variety of treatments and on-point shades, Lip Whips are effortless, dreamy, and indispensable in your daily wear. Trust us, you’ll want to tell all your friends. 


  • Lip Whip takes the cake when it comes to lip balm, With ultra-hydrating ingredients, it soothes and moisturizes for hours. KG has discovered a texture that really works with your lips.
  • Your shades are safe with us. These beautiful colors are made with eco-luxe formulas and are environmentally friendly for a guilt-free experience.
  • So giftable, you literally can’t buy just one. With so many gorgeous shades and amazing ingredients, you’ll want to share the love with all your friends.